Reins has been the place to be for Bont Cycling and Bont Rowing in Europe since many years.

Importing goods in Europe

Thanks to our experience and close contact with Bont Cycling and Bont Rowing, we are able to deliver the right shoes to your store within a short time.


Every day many shoes come and go through our warehouse. Thanks to this we are able to deliver our dealers the appropriate space and time.

Distributing throughout Europe

You can find Bont shoes in many physical and online stores throughout Europe in both specialty store and online stores. We are certainly not done yet and are working hard to extent the network.

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Building a long-term relationship with partners

By personal visits and frequent contact we do our best to build long-term relationships with our dealers. We know the ins and outs in the cycling- and rowing environment and love to share this with you.

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Handling return orders

Of course Reins is dealing the return orders. Thanks to our stock and direct contact with the factory, we are able to help our dealers as fast and professional as possible.


We are always ready to support our dealers. Both during and after the purchase of the shoes.

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